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Episode #44 – Special COVID-19 Workplace Perspective – Greg Dill and the CARES Act (Part 2)

Greg Dill

Today’s episode is Part two of our Special COVID-19 show featuring Greg Dill, Vice President of Commercial Real Estate, and SBA Lending at Union Bank in Irvine CA. SAFFIRE LEGAL PC’s founder and principal attorney Teresa McQueen continues her conversation with Greg about the newly enacted Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) focusing on the Small Business Debt Relief Program. Greg continues to provide great insight and timely insights into these SBA assistance programs. If you missed our first episode or would like to hear more from Greg on the Paycheck Protection Program and the Emergency Economic Injury Grant, check out episode #40!

Designated as a world-wide pandemic in early March, the effects of COVID-19 are touching all of our lives with far reaching implications as the edges of our personal and professional lives begin to blend together; a direct result of ‘shelter in-place’ orders and the shuttering non-essential workplaces. Greg provides amazing information on these vital SBA related programs aimed at helping small business and self-employed individual weather the COVID-19 storm.   


Workplace Perspective is a regular podcast series for employers and employees focusing on education, training, and the law to help organizations of all sizes develop and maintain successful employer / employee relationships.

Shortly California’s Governor Gavin Newsom’s March 19, 2020 stay at home order was issued we at Workplace Perspective began preparing a series of COVID-19 related episodes. Our goal: To share some real stories from real people who are, like you our listeners, dealing with this novel and ever changing environment. We hope you find our guests stories inspirational, affirming and encouraging. 

Rest assured that we at Workplace Perspective, in compliance with California’s shelter in-place order, are broadcasting for the foreseeable future from our make-shift home studios. We thank you for your continued support!


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