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Episode #22: Ban The Box Redux – Alan Crivaro

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Alan Crivaro, Esq.

Today’s “redux” episode is a replay of a very informational interview with attorney Alan Crivaro on California’s Ban The Box legislation. The interview continues to receive a lot of positive feedback and the topic remains relevant and as important as ever.

During the interview SAFFIRE LEGAL PC’s founder and principal attorney Teresa McQueen talks with criminal defense attorney Alan Crivaro about California’s Ban-The-Box legislation. The episode provides an overview of Ban-The-Box conditional offers of employment and notice requirements as a starting point for a discussion on how Ban-The-Box legislation will impact the employer selection process.


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

California AB1008 – Criminal Conviction History

Department of Fair Employment & Housing – What Can An Employer Ask?

California Code of Regulations Section 11017 – Employee Selection


Additional Materials:

Orange County Lawyer Magazine Article: WHEN TO ASK, WHEN TO TELL:
by Teresa A. McQueen and Alan J. Crivaro


Special Thanks To…

Paul Roberts

(Engineer/Associate Producer Extraordinaire!)


Stephen Vercelloni

(Composer Extraordinaire! Today’s episode features the song Grifter)


James Bohannan & The Knave At Knight

(DJs & “Radio Angels” Extraordinaire!)

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