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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Update

EEOC Launches public portal for online filing of workplace claims of discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

As part of its mission to protect against workplace harassment, discrimination or retaliation based on protected classifications the EECO launched its public portal online reporting system on November 1, 2017. The new online system will aid workers in inquiring, reporting, and satisfying administrative requirements related to alleged claims of discrimination, harassment or retaliation. View the Public Portal. 


Protect Your Employees and Your Organization

Take employee claims of harassment, discrimination or retaliation seriously. Update company policies and implement training programs to ensure all employees understand reporting requirements and the risks associated with noncompliance. Don’t rely solely on employee handbooks and online training tools to mitigate risks associated with unacceptable behaviors.


In person training focusing on engendering a considerate, respectful corporate culture will have a greater impact on protecting employees than hands-off risk aversion training models. Just ask the supervisor accused of sexually harassing his assistant about the effectiveness of his company’s online training. Well, you could ask, but unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to tell you since he admitted to having his assistant take the training in his place.


Don’t be a cautionary tale.


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