“Timing is everything;” a maxim no less true when it comes to disciplinary actions and workplace terminations. Disciplinary actions are a necessary element of any workplace environment. Mishandling of disciplinary actions or terminations can create an atmosphere of resentment and vindication which could lead to potential legal action. Appropriate and effective handling of employee wrongdoing can go a long way toward reducing your organizations risk. Let Saffire Legal help. We offer guidance and legal advice concerning workplace disciplinary actions and employee terminations.

Saffire Legal attorneys will work with your staff to assist in evaluating and documenting all disciplinary actions and terminations to assess risk and assure compliance with current laws and your organization’s policies and procedures. Let us work with your staff to develop all necessary termination documents, including pre and post-termination check lists and exit interview forms. We also provide training on how to conduct a termination interview, handle final paychecks and exit benefits.

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