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Control That Mobile Device. Don’t Let It Control You!

The phone is ringing…the phone is ringing…the PHONE is RINGING!!!!

Phones ringing in the grocery line, phones beeping and clicking in meetings, phones on the dinner table, bosses calling at all hours of the day and night! I would wager that not since its inception has the ringing telephone been the focus of such public fixation.

An AP/IPSOS survey asked Americans whether or not on a frequent or occasional basis they had encountered someone using their cell phone rudely. The answer was a resounding “Yes!” with 89% stating they had in fact witnessed people using their cell phones rudely. The kicker – only 8% of Americans admitted to using their cell phones in a rude manner! So, either a lot of people are seeing the same few people or very few people are willing to admit to having used their cell phone in a rude manner. Which category do you fall into?  Wait! Don’t answer that.

Well, not until you’ve taken these top five mobile etiquette tips to heart:

  1. Practice what you preach. Model the mobile behavior you’d like to see in others. If you don’t care for the rude mobile etiquettes of others, don’t make the same mistakes.


  1. Be a respectful member of society. Turn your phone to silent BEFORE you enter a restaurant, meeting, or networking event. Better yet trying turning your phone off and really focusing on the here-and-now. Which segues nicely to number 3 on our list….


  1. Be present. Be cognizant of the moment by giving your full attention to the task at hand. Don’t get sidetracked by that ringing, buzzing, tweeting mobile device – control it. Don’t let it control you.


  1. Could this be rude? Before making or answer a call in a public place ask yourself if it might be irritating to those around you – if so, step away to a more private place or wait to make, take, or return that call until you are in a less public place.


  1. Lower the volume. Besides contributing to the overall dislike associated with public use of mobile devices, volume is also a frontrunner on the top 5 list of all-time rude mobile behaviors. Avoid “cute” rings and turn the volume of your ringer down – better yet, set your device to silent or vibrate especially in business settings. Beware of your telephone voice; speak softly. Keep the volume down on music, alerts, games and videos. And don’t rely on headphones to solve the problem; they are no guarantee your sound level won’t still be a problem, especially in close quarters (i.e., airplanes, trains, coffee shops and subways).

 Etiquette is not about manners, it’s about how people get along with each other and successfully build relationships with the people in their lives.

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