While company sponsored holiday celebrations may not be as lavish as they once were, the traditional year-end celebration remains a tried and true corporate tradition. Done right, the traditional holiday get together is a great chance to bolster those increasingly important business relationships.  Learning how to handle yourself, knowing how to meet people, engage in […]

Five Days and Counting!

According to the Presidential Election of 1876 was one of the “ugliest most contentious Presidential campaigns ever” with the Republican candidate calling his Democratic opponent out as “a briber[] a thief [and] a drunken syphilitic.”  I think at this point, most American’s would agree, the Presidential Election of 2016 is running a very close […]


TOP 5 EMAIL ETIQUETTE TIPS:   AVOID JARGON: Like “’cuz” Instead Of “because” Jargon can sound “with it” when you are talking, but when written it often loses its impact. In fact, jargon may prove to be detrimental in an email. The reader may start to wonder why you are using the jargon. It may […]

Opposing Conduct Unlawful Under EEO Laws: An Updated Perspective

In its newly released “Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation and Related Issues” (August 2016) (the Guide) the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) provides a much needed update to its previous interpretations of the law of retaliation. The newly released Guide replaces the EEOC’s former Compliance Manual Section 8: Retaliation which was last issued in 1998. Specifically, the Guide […]

Merchant Group Ethics Presentation

Southern California Attorney Teresa A. McQueen, Principal Attorney at SAFFIRE LEGAL, PC, speaking at a local OC Merchant Group Networking Event, gave the following presentation on promoting ethics in business. “Good Morning and welcome. My name is Teresa McQueen and I want to thank you for joining us for this morning’s presentation on promoting ethics […]